Cholesterol Medicine...The Biggest Scam


If I would ask the general public and nearly all Medical doctors what the main cause of heart disease was, they would respond by saying, "high cholesterol". What a wicked web of deception the Pharmaceutical Companies have weaved!

Simply stated, cholesterol is guilty of a crime it didn't commit. Cholesterol is not and never will be the cause of heart disease. The medical community is "barking up the wrong tree", and making billions of dollars in the process by prescribing poisonous cholesterol lowering drugs called Statins: lipitor, mevacor, prevachol and probably 2 or 3 more since writing of this section. We have known for over a decade now, that 50% of people who have a heart attack don't even have elevated cholesterol levels.

Why doesn't Cholesterol cause Heart Disease?

Early stage heart disease is called arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a diseased state of the wall of the artery. Plaque gradually builds up on the wall of the artery, thickening and hardening the artery. This plaque continues to form until the opening of the artery is completely blocked. Blood cannot reach the heart muscle, and it dies from lack of oxygen (heart attack). When scientists and researchers analyze the plaque in the artery, they find cholesterol in the plaque. Since they found cholesterol in the plaque, they assumed that cholesterol caused the heart attack. Now when people hear that they have plaque in their arteries, the first thing that comes to mind is cholesterol. Plaque is also composed of collagens, phospholipids, fibrin, triglycerides, mucopolysaccharides, heavy metals, proteins, muscle tissue and debris. Cholesterol is being accused of a crime it didn't commit. This is like saying the police are guilty of a crime because they showed up at the crime scene.

The Business of Cholesterol Medication

The cholesterol lowering drug industry is a billion dollar a year industry. I definitely don't think they are in a big hurry to tell the truth!! It would result in billions upon billions of dollars of revenue being lost; including law suits if people ever found out that cholesterol medicine is useless at preventing heart disease and is actually life threatening. Look at the profit the cholesterol scam has generated. Money generated from doctor's visits, blood work, Statin drug prescription, commercials, bypass surgery, balloon angioplasty etc. Want to see corruption? Follow the money in the cholesterol scam.

How many more Americans were placed on cholesterol medication when they lowered "safe" cholesterol levels from 300 to 200? They are in fact trying to get the safe level to 150. This is merely a ridiculous ploy to sell more drugs and is doing nothing to lower the staggering statistics of the #1 killer in America, Heart Disease. More people are dying from heart disease than ever before. Remember, "If all the dogs are barking up the wrong tree, it is still the wrong tree."

The Benefit Of Cholesterol

We are completely misled by the medical community on cholesterol. Here is an interesting fact, 80% of the cholesterol in our body is produced by our own body. Cholesterol is a vital component of the body. It is found in every cell and it makes hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. It conducts nerve impulses and is a large component in the brain. In fact, researchers have proven synthetically lowering cholesterol levels by the use of Statin drugs is a cause of senile dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, cholesterol is crucial in the production of vitamin D, from sun exposure. Interesting to note that 85% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D.

Cholesterol Medicine is a Deadly Prescription

Cholesterol medication seriously depletes the body's essential energy molecule called coenzymeQ10 (CoQ10). This depletion leads to congestive heart failure, extreme muscle weakness, neurological disorders and even death. All Statin drugs have been associated with causing or promoting cancer in experimental animals. Since Statin drugs, there has been a 600% increase in congestive heart failure. The Journal of Natural Medicine found that Statin drugs produce significant suppression of vital immune cells called helper T cells. These cells play an important role in protecting us from fungal, bacterial and viral infections, including cancer.

Cholesterol medication has been linked to increased risk of:

  • Depression - Psychosomatic Medicine 2000; 62
  • Violent behavior - JAMA 1997; 278:313-321
  • Anemia
  • Acidosis
  • Frequent fevers
  • Cataracts

Dr. Mercola states that far less than 5% of people on Statin drugs actually need the drug. He also states that there are individuals with total cholesterol above 350 who have inherited liver processing problems. This means that even if your score is over 350, unless you have liver disease, proper lifestyle changes can prevent the use of Statin drugs. Cholesterol lowering drugs are a cash cow for the pharmaceutical companies. Business Weekly reports Statins are the single biggest market in the prescription drugs sold to "treat" the side effects from the dangerous drugs.

Dr. Blaylock states "the Statin makers donate millions to major medical universities, hire big named cardiologists for "consulting work" and fund Statin related research for these medical Mecca's. These monies are the milk of the medical universities. As a result, medical students, interns and residents in training are taught the propaganda endlessly. They are to sleep deprived to know otherwise."

Acidity and Inflammation

A question you should ask your Medical Doctor is if the cholesterol in my blood is so bad for me then why don't I develop plaque in my veins?

Plaque only develops in arteries, not in veins. Here's the difference: An artery has an outer muscular layer that can expand and contract which regulates blood pressure maintaining a gradual delivery of blood to organs as well as all parts of the body. A vein doesn't have this muscular wall; therefore plaque doesn't develop in veins. The reason for this occurrence is when the blood is acidic from consuming acidic foods, inflammation occur in the blood vessels. The acid induced inflammation attacks the muscular layer of the artery; this chronic inflammation continually irritates the muscular wall, thus attempting to burn a hole through it. This places tiny cracks in the muscular wall of the artery. In self defense plaque is produced to seal the cracked artery so the blood vessel doesn't rupture thus causing us to bleed to death. Cholesterol is actually there to protect the injured blood vessel and it is being accused of the crime. Remember acidic blood is in both arteries and veins. However, veins do not have the muscular wall therefore is not affected by acidosis. This is an oversimplified explanation of why cholesterol isn't the bad guy.

Scientific Explanation of Inflammation

(If this information is too technical, feel free to skip)

After years of chronic overacidity, cholesterol is released from the liver to protect the blood vessels. Free radicals attack cholesterol in the blood vessels, called oxidative stress. The oxidative stress creates plaque in the blood vessel wall. Oxidized cholesterol creates inflammation to the endothelium of a blood vessel wall. In defense of inflammation our body sends WBC mainly monocytes to clean up the damaged blood vessel. When monocytes pick up oxidized cholesterol, it creates what's called a foam cell. This foam cell is like a ball of fat that attaches itself to the hardened blood vessel wall called a fatty streak. This fatty streak is an inflammatory lesion, which is the initial stage of atherosclerosis. This chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of heart attacks, strokes, peripheral vascular disease and aneurysms.

Chronic inflammation also causes the muscle layer of the artery to thicken called proliferation. When the blood vessels are jammed with oxidized plaque and fatty streaks, the blood vessel narrows. Now platelets can adhere to the plaque in the narrowed artery. With all of this stress on the blood vessel wall (by hardening, narrowing, and spasm) the plaque ruptures causing a clot to form. This accounts for 50% of heart attacks. That is why heart disease is silent. You never know when the plaque is going to rupture causing a clot, preventing blood and oxygen from getting to the heart muscle. We only have 4 coronary arteries feeding the heart muscle. When they are blocked, this involves a cardiologist going in and opening up the blood vessels with a procedure called balloon angioplasty. If that isn't sucessful he may have to perform a bypass surgery, where they actually redirect the blood to the heart by making another blood vessel. These heart patients are at the end stage of the inflammatory response. Don't let your arteries get this bad.

The April 1997 issue of the New England Journal of medicine, Kilmer McCully M.D. agrees with this concept by suggesting a radical "new" medical theory that cholesterol is not the primary cause of heart disease, but rather, "inflammation of blood vessel walls, is the primary cause of heart attacks and strokes." It has been 11 years since that research. Why is cholesterol still being blamed? Follow the money and you will understand why.

The root cause of Heart Disease is over acidity dissolving the arterial muscle. Therefore if one is taking cholesterol medication such as Lipitor, Zocor or any other toxic chemical designed to lower cholesterol levels; in reality you are disrupting the body's innate response for survival from over-acidity! In doing so you are creating a chronic inflammatory acidic state in the arteries, depleting the precious antioxidant CoQ10, thus weakening the heart muscle and taking you one step closer to heart disease.

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