How Emotions Affect the Zone

How Do The Emotions Affect The Zones?

Concept-Therapy teaches that thoughts or ideas in the Mind can affect the body, positively or negatively. Concepts in the mind can make you sick or heal you. However Concept-Therapy does not ignore the body for the Mind and Soul. It teaches Laws of the Body, Mind and Soul. It teaches balanced thinking.
Sometimes you can heal a person by working on the body alone. Proper diet, movement, sanitation, and recuperation can cure many health problems. In other cases, you must change the Concepts in the Conscious and unconscious Mind to bring about a cure. Fear, worry, anger, hatred, etc., are harmful to
the health and Nervous System. Conversely, faith, hope, joy, love, etc., tend to be healing and curative forces. These emotions must be understood and properly applied in the patient's life to promote healing. In certain cases, you must resolve the Spiritual Conflicts in the consciousness of the individual to allow a healing to occur. Each case is unique and specific. Some patients require work on one or more levels to get well from serious or severe illness. It is usually a mistake to approach chronic illness from a single direction. Fortunately, the Healing Principles taught in Concept-Therapy can be applied in conjunction with traditional approaches. You may use natural healing methods, chiropractic, medicine, surgery, if needed, and still benefit from applying the Healing Principles taught by Concept-Therapy. Here is a brief synopsis of the Zones and a few mental factors that influence them.

The Glandular Zone

Mind effects body and body effects Mind. The entire body is controlled, directly or indirectly, through the Nervous System. The Brain sends impulses to various sites in the body telling the various Glands to release hormones and other chemicals needed to meet the various needs of the body. The hormones in turn have an effect on the Nervous System and the Mind. The Glands effect our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. For example, fear in the mind activates the Nervous System, which triggers the release of adrenaline from the adrenal glands so we can fight or run. That is normal. However prolonged low-level
fear or unconscious worry stresses the Glands and, over time, causes illness. We cannot think, feel or emote without affecting the Glands in our body and the subsequent release of various hormones and chemicals. The Glandular Zone is particularly susceptible to sudden prolonged emotions and strong
emotional levels that are not normal for that individual, whether positive or negative. We call this Stress. Sudden highs or lows, or prolonged highs or lows, are stressful to the Glandular Zone and may promote dis-ease.

The Eliminative Zone

This Zone includes the sinuses, lungs, kidneys, bowels, and skin. Proper healthy diet is essential for the proper function of these systems. Eating unhealthy "junk food" will clog up the system and lead to loss of energy. Many people, due to poor diet, have 10 to 12 pounds of old putrid food encrusting the walls of
their intestines, hindering the proper absorption of nourishment. Too many sugars and starches contribute to congestion in the sinuses and lungs. A proper diet, which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, produces normal eliminations that sweep the intestinal walls and tends to keep them healthy. Internal and external sanitation or cleanliness is vital. The skin "breathes" and needs to be kept clean to do its job. The lungs bring in nourishment and eliminate toxins. They should be exercised properly. The sinuses, kidneys, and Intestines may be kept clean and healthy through proper Nourishment. The Eliminative Zone is also helped or hindered by thoughts, feelings and emotions. Feelings of difficulty in eliminating a person or situation in life can hinder the normal functions of the body. Applying the proper Principles can usually correct and eliminate the cause of the feelings and restore normal functions.

The Nerve Zone

According to Gray's Anatomy, the Nervous System is the Master System of the body. Directly or indirectly, it controls and coordinates all the other functions of the body. Anything that interferes with the Nervous System can have profoundly detrimental effects on the health of the entire body. Improper nourishment can bring harmful substances, unhealthy food, into the body, inhibiting or over-stimulating the nerves. Improper elimination can prevent harmful toxins and metabolites from being released from the body, thus poisoning it from the inside out. Proper sanitation, exercise, and movement help to eliminate toxins. The Nerve Zone is also sensitive to a lack of recuperation. Getting enough sleep is essential for a healthy Nervous System. So is recreation ... or having fun. Fear, worry, anger, jealousy, hatred, etc., can wreak havoc on the Nervous System, while the positive emotions and feelings tend to be healing. Spinal misalignments can also impinge nerves and interfere with the normal functions of the Nervous System and thus interfere with good health throughout the body.

The Digestive Zone

The Digestive system is dependent on the food we put into it. Many people put unhealthy, dead and devitalized, food into their body for years and then wonder why they suffer ill health. Garbage in; garbage out. Some people combine foods improperly. Just as in the chemistry lab, if you put certain chemicals together, they explode. The chemicals and nutrients in certain foods should not be combined with others in the stomach if you expect long-term good health. A clean intestine is able to properly absorb the nutrients from good healthy food. The Digestive Zone is also susceptible to negative concepts, feelings, and emotions. Fear, worry or anger, will slow or stop normal Digestion almost instantly. Prolonged feelings of difficulty in accepting or digesting a life situation or person in the family or at work can hinder or over stimulate the normal function of the Digestive Zone. Learning how to Digest and Eliminate emotions, people, situations, and circumstances in life is just as essential as a healthy diet for continued good health.

The Muscular Zone

The Muscles are essential for movement. They make up a largest portion of the mass of the body. Healthy Muscles are dependent on many factors: good nourishment, exercise, movement, nerve health, etc. Poor Nerve supply can cause a muscle to lose its normal tone, resulting in weakness and atrophy, or
it may over-stimulate it, causing spasms. To be healthy, all the Muscles in the body should be moved at least twice a day. This promotes healthy Muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Simple regular movement of the Muscles can help prevent many forms of arthritis and stiffness as we age. Moving the
Muscles tends to promote Elimination, Digestion, Circulation, and Glandular function. The health of each Health Zone has a major impact on the function of all the others. On an emotional level, conscious or subconscious feelings of fighting a person or situation can effect the normal function of the Muscular
Zone. A sense of helplessness may translate into the body as weakness or loss of control. Feeling paralyzed in life can hinder the normal function of the Muscles.

The Circulatory Zone

This Zone includes the heart, arterial, venous and lymphatic systems. The Circulation carries nourishing oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body. It carries the carbon dioxide waste and other toxic metabolites from all parts of the body to lungs and kidneys for Elimination. It carries nutrients absorbed in
mouth, stomach, and intestines throughout the body to produce the energy and tissues the make up the body. The Circulatory Zone carries the hormones released by the Glandular Zone. It is controlled and coordinated by the Nerve Zone. To be healthy, the Circulatory Zone requires proper and regular exercise. The lymphatic system is designed to gather the lymph fluids that leak out of the arteries and veins. It collects the debris in the lymph nodes, where white blood cells clean-up any debris and purify the lymph fluid, which is finally dumped back into the arterial-venous system. Since the Lymphatic system has no pump (like the heart), it is particularly dependent on the Muscular Zone to move the fluids around. Bed ridden patients may develop bedsores due to the lack of movement in the lymphatic portion of the Circulatory Zone. This Zone is very susceptible to feelings of being blocked or stopped or frustrated in life by some person or situation.