Hormone Balance

  Hormone Balance


Achieving hormone balance is an integral component in health recovery. Hormones are internal messengers which are necessary to control and regulate every chemical in the body. There are many hormones to consider such as; Pregnenlonone, Progesterone, Androstenedione, Estrogens, Testosterone, DHEA, and Cortisol. If one of these hormones is off, your life could result in living hell.

Take the appropriate Hormone Balance Test to see if your Hormones are out of balance:


Women's Hormone Survey

Symptom Group #1
Symptom Group #2
Symptom Group #3
Symptom Group #4
Symptom Group #5

Male Hormone Survey

Symptom Group #1

Check which of these symptoms are troublesome and persist over
time. Two or more symptoms are an indication of the need to test
both Estradiol and Progesterone.

Symptom Group #2

Check which of these symptoms are troublesome and persist over
time. Two or more symptoms are an indication that Testosterone
and DHEAS testing is recommended.

Symptom Group #3

Check which of these symptoms are troublesome and persist over
time. Two or more symptoms are an indication that testing Cortisol
for adrenal imbalance is recommended.

If you have answered Yes to 2 or more of the symptoms in the survey; congratulations you have joined the ranks of millions of other Americans who are experiencing Hormonal Imbalances. Hormonal Imbalance is an epidemic in America. "The Answer" will teach you how to effectively check your hormones and balance them without the use of toxic medicine.

The American Life

You finally get up after hitting the snooze button on the alarm 3 times… roll out of bed like a zombie… dreading your day… running late for work. You end up skipping breakfast, and you don't have the time to make a healthy lunch. Then you need a cup of coffee to jump start your day. While you're sitting in traffic, you run through everything you need to accomplish that day. This only stresses you out more!

At lunch time you grab food from the vending machine or some fast food. Afternoon rolls around and all you want to do is take a nap. You know that you still have two more hours left to go at work, so you have some more coffee or an energy drink to pep you up. Once you finally come home from work, and all you want to do is relax and sit on the couch. There's no possible way you could exercise or prepare a healthy meal when you barely have the energy to stay awake past 8:00.

Stressed out from a long day, you treat yourself to junk food: chocolate, ice cream, chips, alcohol or some other sugary poison. You stop looking in the mirror because you know you have gained a few extra pounds. You feel depressed, irritable, and in chronic pain; and on top of that you have lost your sex drive. You wonder where your quality of life has gone. You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You end up going to your Medicine Doctor for help.

After thorough testing and countless dollars spent; you are diagnosed with stress, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, arthritis, ulcers or some other fancy syndrome. The only method of treatment is medication that consists of antidepressants, pain relievers, antacids and synthetic hormones.

You take the medication as if you have no other options. The side effects from the medication cause more symptoms. You find yourself back in the doctor's office complaining of even more symptoms than the first time. Once again you are prescribed more drugs and sent on your way with No Answers.

This scenario is played out every single day in America. We can no longer stand for this type of medical mistreatment. It is imperative that you learn the true cause of your conditions, and that you learn how to reverse and prevent future disease.

What causes hormone imbalance?

  • Environmental toxins (Xenoestrogens)
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Drugs
  • Stress

The cause of hormonal imbalance is multifaceted and must be explored thoroughly. It is very dangerous to self assess and self treat, and usually leads to further hormonal imbalance and complications. In order to correct the symptoms of imbalance, we must first know which hormones are out of balance, and what is causing the imbalance. This is why it is highly recommended that you get your hormone levels checked before any treatment is rendered. Additionally, you can not just base results on symptoms, it is very important to get an objective measurement.

"You can't prove, disprove, or improve that which cannot be measured"

Environmental Toxins (Xenoestrogens)

Petrochemicals (petroleum based products) are mainly plastics, pesticides, car exhaust, hormones in meats, milk, soaps, body lotions, carpeting, furniture etc. Xenoestrogens are environmental estrogens that accumulate in the body and eventually over time, disrupt hormonal balance. Xenoestrogens are stored in the body fat.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Deficiency of exercise; in both resistive weight training and cardiovascular exercise are common factors in Hormonal Imbalance. Exercise eliminates the adrenal stress hormones (epinephrine and cortisol) from causing disastrous effects on the body. This can cause conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue and especially weight gain around the belly, hips, and buttocks. Estrogen is stored in body fat. So it follows that if you aquire more body fat, you will have a font Hormonal Imbalance.

Poor Nutrition

Nutritional deficiencies can develop from not eating enough fruits and vegetables; eating too many sugars and refined starches, processed foods, and having an excessive calorie intake.


Hormone Replacement Therapy and Oral Contraceptives can also result in Hormonal Imbalance.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

The most popular HRT is Premarin, which is one of the top selling drugs in America, totaling a $940 million a year profit. Premarin stands for Pregnant Mare Urine. That's right, horse urine. Approximately 70,000 horses have been used for their urine. They have catheters collecting their urine and sent to Wyeth Ayerst for Premarin. These inhumane, horse farms are found around the US and Canada. All for what price; unopposed estrogen that your doctor prescribes to you as the magic pill to prevent old age. This can cause ills such as: fibrocystic breasts, weight gain, water retention, hypertension, blood clots, gall bladder disease, breast and other cancers.

Birth Control Pills

One of the worst chemicals that women are poisoning themselves with is, birth control pills. Birth control pills consist of estrogen, and estrogen is stored in body fat. Remember, that the effects are cumulative. The more estrogen consumed through xenohormones, the greater chance of developing disease from Hormonal Imbalance. The following is a list of diseases caused from oral contraceptives. Dr. Ellen Grant, MD, author of the book, "The Bitter Pill", writes that although it is a very effective form of birth control; oral contraceptives are highly toxic to the human body.

Diseases Caused from Oral Contraceptives
  • 6 times Greater Risk of Thrombosis (blood clots)
  • 4 times Greater Risk of Heart Attack
  • 3 times Greater Risk of Headaches
  • 4 times Greater Risk of dying from a Stroke
  • Increases Thyroid and Liver Cancer
  • Increased rate of Birth Defects
  • Altered Immune Function
  • Increased rate of Osteoporosis
  • Doubles risk of dying from Cancer; especially Cervical, Breast, Endometrial, and Ovarian
  • Increased rate of Anxiety, Ovarian Cysts, Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, Cervical Dysplasia, Allergies, Gall Bladder Bisease, Sinus Infections, Chrones Disease, Infertility and Epilepsy


70% of all visits to the doctor are stress related. It is inevitable that most Americans are under major stress. We live in a fast paced world. We want instant gratification and work too many hours. We pay high mortgages, sit in traffic jams, and dead lines, and go to too many meetings. We have to deal with many stressful family matters such as; divorce, and trying teenagers etc.

Three Types of Stress

  • Physical - accidents, pain, exercise, trauma, etc.
  • Chemical - drugs, processed foods, fast foods, pesticides, etc.
  • Emotional - arguments, meetings, worry, anger, fear, etc.

All three stresses have the same affect on the body. Our adrenal glands are two walnut sized glands that sit on top of our kidneys. The adrenals release hormones in response to stress; epinephrine and cortisol. These hormones are necessary for our survival, and provide quick bursts of hormones in a fight or flight situation. The problem arises when we are under chronic stress. Long term stresses cause the adrenals to continually release cortisol and epinephrine, which can cause lead to various other conditions:

Long Term Stress Can Cause:
  • Increases fat around the waist
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Easily bruising
  • Fungal Infections
  • Immune System Suppression
  • Alzheimer's
  • Senile Dementia
  • Increased blood sugar levels causing insulin resistance

Unfortunately, the problems don't end there. If we don't resolve our chronic stressing and take steps to change lifestyle habits in time, the adrenals get exhausted. This is similar to the pancreas wearing out by long term ingestion of sugar, leading to diabetes. When the adrenals get fatigued or exhausted, it leads to many conditions including:

  • Constant fatigue (especially in the am)
  • Muscle weakness
  • Low blood pressure/ Low metabolism
  • Low thyroid (hypothyroidism)
  • Excess pigmentation on skin
  • Allergies/ asthma
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Infertility
  • Chronic colds
  • Infections
  • Depression
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Light headedness or dizziness upon standing

How many millions of people are complaining of these symptoms? How many visits per year are there to a medicine doctor for these conditions? How many million of prescriptions are being written for toxic, deadly drugs to mask these symptoms? If you've ever wanted to overcome the disease of being a Stressed Out Woman; you must address the ROOT cause! Remember, treating symptoms with toxic drugs is like pulling weeds, without getting to the root - more weeds and more symptoms always follow.

Pap Smears

The annual Pap Smear Exam, that most woman get (and trust), is actually very inaccurate. They have a false positive rate of up to 70%. The most common false positive is for cervical dysplasia. When women are told that they have pre-cancerous cells; they are usually completely beside themselves thinking that they are going to die of cancer. Here's the fact, since the Pap smear is so inaccurate, women should ask to be re-tested. "Nearly 6 out of 8 times, the second Pap smear will come out negative." - John Lee, MD.

Dr. Lee explains that cervical dysplasia was relatively rare before the advent of oral contraceptives. Oral contraceptives increase the risk of cervical dysplasia by at least 50%, and the risk or cervical cancer by at least 25%. A 1994 study published in Lancet found that being on birth control pills for only 1-6 months, increased the risk of cervical cancer by 3 times. Doctors have become careless about prescribing estrogen to pre menopausal women with hormonal symptoms.

"Giving a pre menopausal woman unopposed estrogen is almost the same as writing a prescription for cervical dysplasia-she will almost certainly return to the doctor's office within a year and have a Positive Pap Smear. The next step is then to have a hysterectomy, followed by a prescription for premarin and provera. You absolutely do not need to go that route." - Dr. John Lee

The Business of Hysterectomies

Let's understand that puberty and menopause are not diseases. They are a part of life and do not need to be treated with poisonous drugs or surgery. Your uterus is just like your gall bladder, tonsils, adenoids and appendix- it should not be surgically removed. We were not born with too many parts, and our uterus was not designed to wear out around 60 years of age, only to be replaced with drugs. There are routinely 600,000 to 1,000,000 hysterectomies performed yearly in America with less than 10% necessary.

"The truth is that your uterus is not a liability to you; it is a liability to drug company profits." - John Lee M.D.

Economics of a Hysterectomy

"Removal of your uterus is a very costly major surgery, with a very long recovery time. After surgery, you will be visiting doctors every six months for at least one year to renew your hormone replacement prescription. This scenario gives both your doctor and a drug company a lifetime repeat customer." - John Lee M.D.

Weight Control

You find yourself on a dieting rollercoaster. You try every pill, patch, cream or drink, with no long term success. The best thing to do is to test your pH and Hormones to see if they are the cause of your weight issues.

Roller Coaster Dieting

After crash dieting you resort back to your normal pattern of eating. You gain back all of the weight you have lost, because it was only water and muscle that you have lost. The more weight you gain, the further your hormones go out of balance, because estrogen is stored in body fat. This leads to further Hormonal Imbalance, causing more and more symptoms to surface. You are now highly frustrated, depressed, and confused. You start eating your comfort foods to ease your frustrations. You decide, "I would rather be overweight and happy, than skinny and miserable".

Please understand that you are not alone; millions of women and men battle this Roller coaster ride every day. Weight control is similar to all disease. If you don't address the root cause, the symptoms: (fat) always return.

Saliva Tests

This is the most accurate way to check hormones at a cellular level. Saliva testing can take place in the comfort of your own home, and then sent out to a lab for analysis.

Warning: If you consult with your M.D., they will more than likely recommend a blood test, as opposed to a saliva test. Insurance companies typically only pay for blood tests. Blood tests don't measure your bio available "free" hormones accurately. This is the main reason why doctors say that there is nothing wrong with you. They are only getting a fraction of your hormonal profile, if they are testing your blood.

How do I accurately test my hormones?

Health Solutions sends you a home lab test to measure your saliva. The saliva sample is sent to a lab for analysis. Health Solutions receives the lab results and customizes a nutritional and lifestyle program called "The Answer" to restore Hormonal Balance and regain your health.

Hormone balance accompanied with pH balance is the first step towards optimal Health.

Are You ready for "The Answer"?